Frequently Asked Questions

Why would my company need a consultant?

There are many circumstances a company can find itself that require an external point of view. Many times companies find themselves so close to their business that it's challenging to have an impartial and unemotional look at the situation. In other words, it is almost impossible to recognize real challenges.

Often times your company may need support during situations your resources are stretched thin.

We lead major change management initiatives for our clients. We are experts in ensuring that the details are all considered and addressed while allowing the company to focus on the day to day responsibilities. 

Sometimes, a business owner or a manager needs someone with a wide variety of experiences to talk with as a sounding board.

How do we schedule your services?

The getting on the schedule is the easy part. The scope of your project will allow us to provide all of our clients with a practical project schedule. We are great believers in communication and will continuously keep you updated with project timelines and progress summaries.

What are some of the benefits we can expect?

Naturally, all businesses and company cultures are different, and for that reason, results are often unique to each client.  Depending on the services that we provide you can expect to see improvement almost immediately.  Clients that we have created content for experience an increase in areas like product knowledge, monthly assessment scores, and overall skills improvement.  Some clients with significant change initiates have experienced shifts in companies culture, employee communication skills and increased efficiencies and productivity. 

I would like to take my team off site for a meeting. Can you help with that?


What's with the follow up conference calls after your workshops?

The science has shown us that the reinforcement of a newly learned skill is enhanced when coupled with follow up learnings. Many workshops are merely a one and done experience. You show up, engaged in the class work for that day and then return to the office only to forget everything you learned. We have enhanced our training in workshops with the follow-up calls. We have found these sessions key to improving the retention of information as well as serving as a building block for creating new and helpful habits.