Customer Service

Brand Standard Audit

Our detailed Brand Standard Audit is an indispensable tool for many businesses sectors. Many of our customers use it as the roadmap to exceptional customer service. Understanding how your brand is portrayed to the buying public is good business. Are policies being followed? Is there theft suspected? Inventory discrepancies? Order accuracy? Food quality? Lease line procedures and customer service issues are just a few of the numerous elements that can damage a business's reputation. With your input, we design an audit unique to your business. We consider the factors that are of importance to you and develop an easy to visualize report of our findings with observations compared to your standards & measures.

Building Advocacy

One of the most cost-effective ways to attract new customers and preserve current ones is through advocacy for your business, brands, and people. Advocacy is defined as support of, backing for, promotion of, an argument for and championing of a cause, person, place or thing. It only makes sense that using this approach would be highly practical and cost-effective. At the McNevin Agency, we have developed procedures and practices to guarantee that your profoundly building your advocacy standing.

Basic Customer Service

Are your customers gushing about your customer service? Have your customer service associates been appropriately trained? Does the customer service team bring value to your organization? Do they have the authority to make on-the-spot judgments? These are all critical questions to ask and answer. The success or failure of many businesses comes down to how well they handle product support questions and customer issues. Anyone can excel at when there are no issues. It's how you manage the potential problems that matter. Throughout our Customer Service workshops, we teach scenario role-plays and the significance of the interaction between the customer and themselves. You can't afford anything less than a best in class customer service program. Anything less than extraordinary service is just ordinary service. 

Communicate in the Right Style

Are consumers raving about your products or services on social media? What are they telling their friends? How many stars is your company receiving? What are the feedback and comments telling you? There was a time when one disgruntled customer would share their experience with ten other people. Now with the popularity of social media, one upset customer can tell thousands of people with a single post. Most companies have no communications strategy in place to manage the angry rant, grievance or even responding accurately on social media. We put you on a pathway to help satisfied customers become loyal customers and turn potential customers into reliable ones.