Consultation Services

Needs Assessment


Taking that first step has never been easier. Our initial interview allows us to capture the essential information of your business demands. The needs assessment and project scoping are necessary to make sound methodology recommendations for your business needs. By questioning critical position-holders, conducting a gap analysis, and process mapping the problem areas we present you the best possible solutions. This information gathering process allows us to understand the best course of action for your situation. Many times the demand for a consultant is due to some change in your business position. Given our status as an industry expert, we deliver fresh and innovative idea's to our clients, that they sometimes miss. Managing change is never comfortable. When you need an unbiased eye to provide honesty, integrity, and a forward-thinking viewpoint, we are here to help you facilitate the transition smoothly.

Training Appraisal

The first step to any successful training program is a training appraisal. Our expert appraisal assesses your current training position & platforms. We measure and evaluate the quality of the content, the value of the material, and ensure that we don't repeat the mistakes of the past. Once we analyze your wants and needs, we design a custom platform for your company. With your input, the design becomes something unique to your culture and shows your employees you are committed to a program that implements the learning of new skills, the development of established skill sets and the opportunity for growth of talents that will be in demand as you advance. We aim to put training front and center in your company culture. All to often training seems to be a last minute add-on to a new product release, a change management initiative or even the way we on board our new employee's. Our expertise will make it easy for you to include training in the planning processes where it can be most useful and valuable. So whether your needs are instructional design, e-learning or instructor-led programs, we will design a training plan that optimizes your People, Processes, and Performance capabilities. 

Brand Standard Audit

Why wait until a customer unloads a bad review on Yelp or TripAdvisor, why chance a social media rant that doesn't show your business in the best light? Why risk the thousands of dollars in damage a lousy customer service experience can do? When it comes to exceptional customer service, our customized Brand Standard Audits are a modern, proven, and affordable method of determining the current state of your customer-facing position. Especially important in the retail, food services, and hospitality sectors. Our clients benefit from thoughtful recommendations of proven systems and savvy techniques that improve and sustain your vision of a best-in-class customer service program. Working alongside you to ensure all your companies unique nuances are addressed. Our industry specialist will design and develop a customer service plan that eliminates impediments that threaten your companies reputation and bottom line. Along with a sustainment plan we give you the learning and coaching tools to keep your program on track. 

Organizational Talent Assessment

Talent Review

How's your bench strength? Can you share your succession plan? How about any contingency plans, should the unexpected occur? Have you honestly evaluated the talent of your team? Unpleasant and complicated, but a necessary task. When assessing the ability of our firms, organizations, or companies, it pays to do it right. We help you through this process as we remove the emotion involved with discussing skills, efforts, and loyalty. It's hard to consider an employee’s potential when as humans we want to see potential in everyone. But do your employee's posses the right type of potential? We can help you identify the high achievers, high performers, and their potential.