Difficult Conversations

Perfomance Managment

Relationships succeed or fail one conversation at a time. Learning how to have those uncomfortable and challenging conversations is a skill set useful to any organization, team or personal relationship. This workshop helps your team unlock the truth and speak with openness and courage. Participants will learn to come out from behind their conversational walls and toward conversations that inspire honest, frank dialogue. A cautious conversation is a failed conversation; one that postpones the discovery of value deriving from multiple points of view. We will explore the map to an honest, productive and authentic communication platform. 

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions


Our coaching approach focuses on your goals as a leader and influencer. We carefully consider your "must haves" and "be nice to have" goals as you move through your career plan. With practical insights and straight talk, we offer essential guidance. Our coaching sessions will reveal your blind spots and business biases. We help you identify who you are, why your that way and how to leverage skills that come naturally. We challenge you with essential and consequential discussions that shape your attitudes on performance, process, and accountability. Only then can we plan a progress map that aligns goals and timelines. Along the way, we will work on the development of your leadership skills while holding you entirely accountable for your decisions and actions. Finally, we will look to the future and hone your skills in coaching and mentoring others. 

Integrity Coaching

Coaching is proven to help managers achieve breakthrough growth and actual behavior change. However, too many companies talk about coaching and don't do it. Start with shifting your managers’ coaching mindset from “mistake catcher” and “problem solver” to coaching leader capable of instilling confidence, a sense of ownership, and fully realizing the potential in their people. We make coaches out of managers. This training provides them with the insights and lessons that are essential to any high producing and capable team.

New Manager 101

One obstacle most companies confront at some point is promoting a high performing employee to management because they exceeded expectations in their previous role. Excelling in an earlier position does not guarantee success at the next level. Regrettably, far to often, people are promoted and left to find their way to discover the nuances of a new position on their own. Fostering skills to direct, supervise or influence others is essential to the overall success of both the new manager and the company as a whole. 

New managers need new skills, new goals, and above all a new perspective. New Manager 101 exposes the new manager to the fundamental skill sets expected to be an enthusiastic and capable team manager. Skill development is essential for any new manager. We also believe that the development of social awareness for a new manager can be complicated to navigate. We take the time to have these discussions and provide proven methods for managing friends, delegating and the essentials of holding others accountable.

There is a difference between managing a process and managing people, be certain your new managers are skilled in both. Our four follow-up teleconference calls offer challenging exercises, coaching & feedback moments as well as Q&A opportunities. Our follow-up experiences are not a common practice in our industry, but we have discovered they are the most import aspect of long-term our success with our programs. 

Performance Reviews

The importance of performance reviews and feedback is essential to any team that values it's employee's career development. Giving an employee a sense of purpose and clarity is challenging. Performance goals, improvement opportunities, and consequences must be communicated in just the right style.

In this workshop, we explore the communications styles needed to define your expectations and metrics to your team clearly. You will discover the differences between people-focused, process focused and goal-oriented leadership styles. We also delve into understanding the motivational values and behavior styles of each team member. By exploring the proper way to coach to both feedback and feed-forward techniques you learn the importance of critical conversations. With meaningful data, you will develop a useful and obtainable performance plan. 

Leadership Development

Do you question the current skill sets of the up and coming leaders in your company? Where will they get the skills to reach your expectations? It takes more than experience, and we all know it. Unfortunately, we also are aware that we often neglect the training needs of the high potential, high-performance people. By delivering customized leadership development coaching, we enable you to respond to this common challenge. We implement the pieces of a learn first and learn the proper culture. This strategy allows you to maximize the acceptance while minimizing the pushback.  Your leaders will gain new confidences and understand the impact of how others view them and what will be expected of them.  It is reasonable to have a growth plan that is impactful, practical and progressive.