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A Fresh Approach

The McNevin Agency has more than fifty years of experience from some of corporate America's most famous & respected Fortune 500 companies. While some consultants try to wow you with their corporate lingo, an irritating high-pressure sales pitch, and ineffective one-size-fits-all approaches, we're different. We want to understand the nuances that make your company unique. We want to know why it excels and what obstacles you continuously face. We explore how your priorities, values, and culture define your company. Only then can we build reliable guidance for improving your business. Starting with  our complimentary introductory consultation all the way through program application, we lead you through the journey every day, every step of the way.

Ask yourself this question: "Does our business make it too complicated for customers to do business with us?" If the answer is "Yes," "Maybe," or "I don't know," that's understandable. Many businesses lack the perspective to honestly assess their needs because they are too intimate with the process. They have blind-spots that only a cultivated viewpoint can expose.


Whether it's inadequate customer service, an absence of or poor quality training, policy fatigue, or any another type of problem, we possess the answers. We take a collaborative approach to your specific requirements and intentions.

Every company is unique, and we specialize in developing sensible, affordable, and impactful solutions. Unlike other consultants, our in-house training applications include follow-up content to guarantee the new-found skills become second nature. 

Our skills, coaching, and business education will give you and your staff confidence to make intelligent, thoughtful business decisions. Whether it's coaching experiences, relationships skills, or management expertise, we have the right strategies that make sense for your company.

Our customer service expertise enables you to see the issues at the source of the problem. We suggest thoughtful, creative and pragmatic countermeasures that bring significant results. All of which builds your companies financial position and preserves your brand distinction.

Our Leadership Team & Thought Leaders

Matt & Karen McNevin put the McNevin in The McNevin Agency LLC. They also contribute more than 50 years of expertise from the Retail, Food Service, Hospitality, Human Resources and Learning & Development industries to their agency. They have retained executive leadership roles with some of the largest and most respected companies in the world. This dynamic duo recognizes what it takes to remain prosperous in business. They bring the expertise earned from years of project management, people management, and process management. Their attention to detail, authenticity and, originality coupled with a touch of humor is what will make your experience with them exceptional. Along with their team of subject matter experts, facilitators, and content creators, they welcome you to experience their flair for extraordinary customer service and creative style for which they are known.


Dr. Michael Patterson Principal-PSP, Author, Professor at Pepperdine University

" Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of learning leaders and Matt McNevin is one of the best I have encountered.  Matt Understands the importance of developing a sound learning strategy, aligning curriculum with business priorities, building a first-rate delivery team and accessing the best idea's in the marketplace.  Unlike some who can only talk a good game, Matt delivers results.  I would gladly work with him again.  He gets it! "

Bob Johanski - Account Manager Equipment Division at Graco

"Matt is extremely driven by results through working with people on getting purposeful training completed.  He is very good about identifying people's strengths and applying them in a team environment.  Matt is also skilled at helping individuals understand their weaknesses and coaches towards improvement. Matt is an excellent resource for any company looking for improvement."

Kyle Burch - Marketing Manager at Greene & Associates, Inc.

"Matt is a first-class individual and business partner.  His leadership skills and training acumen allow the organizations he works with to thrive"

Client Profiles


Retail, whether its brick & mortar or online storefronts need observation that sometimes goes unnoticed because we become to close to the circumstances. We offer training and audit services to help you in any format. Our custom  Brand Standard Audits confirm pricing, display, planogram and product set integrity. These audits also capture essential information surrounding patron interactions, Point of Purchase materials and inventory concerns. Many clients use these types of controls as assurance of policy adherence because after all, you cant be everywhere all the time. Our popular Customer Service & Brand Advocacy training can be performed on or off-site and will help guarantee your brand representation is exceptional and on point. Never question again if your retail staff is delivering to your standards.

Professional Services

Office dynamics are tricky.  We have all seen the funny memes of passive-aggressive notes left for co-workers. The McNevin Agency offers several programs surrounding relationship-building, difficult conversations, and behavior styles.  We help you build a solid foundation supporting a positive working environment. We teach your staff the language of working better together. Our training sessions will help develop a hyper-awareness of how to makes the office environment more than just functional but, fulfilling.

Food Service

The Food Service industry sometimes writes its own rules.  Customs, legacy, and etiquette are industry norms. Customer Service, Food Safety and of course an delivering exceptional customer experience on a consistent basis are a must in today's competitive landscape. We consider all those factors when building a learning path for your team. We develop training content for both front and back of house staff.  Make sure you're getting the best from your entire staff. Learn how to develop a well-balanced training program that brings bottom line results to your organization.


In an industry heavily driven by price shopping, it is imperative to offer significantly more perceived value than your competitors.  Hospitality consumers are savvy and know how to price shop room rate.  Is your property offering more value than just a bottle of water? All hospitality chains have brand standards to sustain or risk losing their flag. Is your property maintaining those standards even when an auditor isn't on the way?  We can help. We offer training, audit and consultation services that will improve your overall operations and drive savings to the bottom line.  

Business Management

Quality management training has always been essential for any company. If you are going to compete in business, a quality training plan is table stakes. The vision, goals, and strategy all focus around projections and assumptions.  The project management, execution, and functional proficiency are all related to real-time results. How well does your company create a vision and drive results?  Does the skill set of your team match the expectations of your team?   We have training and consultation services based on People, Process and Performance skills. The McNevin Agency LLC helps with advice and suggestions to make your idea's and concept come to life.

Service Industry

You're not born with skills. Skill sets need careful nurturing in the right environment.  Practice does make perfect.  Skills are what make people more relatable, productive, and efficient.  We help your company turn skills into talent -- and talent into results. Any investment made in skills training quickly pays dividends as employees become more efficient and bring more value to the organization. We focus on recreating scenarios that are real-world business situations for your business and staff.   Contact us today, and we can put together a plan that works for your service business. 

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